Charles Dickie

Charles comes from a farming and logistics background and started Dickie Direct in 2014. Charles’s idea behind Dickie Direct was to use a lean supply chain in order to be a low cost fertiliser supplier for NZ farmers. While the backbone of Dickie Direct is still low cost fertiliser the offering has now stretched into wholesale and direct to farm supply offering a complete range of traditional and enhanced-efficiency fertilisers.

While Charles is active in all areas of the business his key role lies in product research and procurement. With Dickie Direct now actively purchasing out of 10 countries stretching across the globe Charles realised that proactive procurement is the foundation to low cost supply and new and innovative products. As a result Charles is frequently overseas developing Dickie Directs relationship with new and existing suppliers and researching new products, something he takes great enjoyment from.

Charles Dickie

Company Director & Head of Sales

027 430 8991

Jeremy Lawson

Sales Manager

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Jeremy Lawson

Jeremy joined Dickie Direct in 2018 as the Sales Manager. Jeremy started out his career in Agricultural with the Waipoa Cadet Farm Trading Trust. He then went on to Lincoln University where he studied a Diploma of Ag and most recently in his previous 6 years before joining Dickie Direct has been a Shepherd and Stock Manager on some of the more well known stations in the North Island. Jeremy is currently studying a Bachelor of Agri-Commerce majoring in Farm Management extramurally through Massey University and will soon to be completing the Nutrient Advisory programme.

Jeremy's passion is farming, he enjoys getting out on farm with new and existing clients and discussing their operations and fertiliser requirements.

Why do we need a sales manager?

As the business has grown it became clear that procurement and sales were two separate roles requiring the full attention of two individuals in order to be well executed. With Charles’s focus tending more towards procurement, ensuring that Dickie Direct continue to offer the best products at the best prices it became clear that Dickie Direct needed to bring on someone young, knowledgeable and energetic to proactively deal with the growing client base. With Jeremy coming on to fulfil the Sales Manager role it must be stressed that he is not the first of many reps on the road. Instead a necessity in order for Dickie Direct to be able to continue to operate their simple yet effective service.