Urea Ammonium-Nitrate 32 (UAN-32)

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UAN-32 is a liquid nitrogen source supplied in 1000L IBCs. UAN-32 contains nitrogen in urea, ammonium and nitric forms. When applied it is taken up both through the plants leaf and root system. UAN-32 can significantly improve nitrogen responses as ammonium and nitric nitrogen can be directly taken up by plants, unlike urea nitrogen which must first go through hydrolysis which is the process when urea nitrogen is broken down to ammonium nitrogen by soil enzymes.

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  • N:32%
  • P:0
  • K:0
  • S:0
  • Ca:0
  • Mg:0

Why Use UAN-32?

UAN-32 should be considered as a nitrogen source:

  • In cooler temperatures when soil enzymes are slower at breaking down urea nitrogen (UAN bypasses a large portion of this break down process).
  • In conjunction with other sprays and chemicals when there is already a requirement for spray equipment to pass over crops and pasture.
  • As a liquid nitrogen source anytime Gibb is being applied.
  • When there is a requirement to reduce nitrogen inputs.

UAN Uptake Cycle


Product FAQs

When to Use

Autumn, Winter, Spring


  • To avoid corrosion wash spray gear after applying UAN.
  • To maximise foliar uptake do not apply in rain or directly before rain.

Nitrogen's Role in Plants

  • Nitrogen is always the nutrient in highest demand by plants, due to the greater content of nitrogen present on a dry weight basis in comparison to any other nutrient.
  • Nitrogen is a primary component of amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. Thus, by adding nitrogen to soil the protein content in plants is increased.
  • Nitrogen is part of the chlorophyll molecule, and a part of numerous enzymes and coenzymes. Chlorophyll is responsible for photosynthesis, where sunlight is absorbed and stored in the plant as sugars and proteins.
  • Therefore, nitrogen is an integral part of photosynthesis.
  • Signs of nitrogen deficiency – reduced plant growth, yellowing of the leaf, early crop maturing.