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Our Mission:

Increase farm production

Our Mission:

Increase farm profITABILITY

Our Mission:

Improve Environmental Sustainability

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Our Mission

At Dickie Direct our mission is to improve the production, profitability and environmental sustainability of New Zealand farms by using the most efficient nutrient forms in conjunction with soil biology enhancing additives.

How we aim to achieve this

We use the most efficient nutrient forms for a farms soil type, climate conditions and production requirements alongside biological enhancers to fuel both plant production and long term soil health.

We operate within a lean supply chain enabling us to supply you fertiliser for the most competitive prices in the NZ market.

We custom blend all products to your requirements ensuring your pasture and crops are getting the exact amount of nutrients in the forms they require.

We offer an end to end service efficiently delivering your fertiliser direct to farm as required.

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