How to use the Calculator

Build your next blend using the Dickie Direct Calculator, an easy to use and convenient tool to help you:

Finding the Calculator

On computer and mobile devices go to the Dickie Direct Website and you will find the calculator in the main menu bar.

Saving the Calculator to your Mobile Device Home Screen

When using the Bulk Blend Calculator on a mobile device you will be prompted to save the calculator as a web based application to your device home screen.

Doing this will give you quick and easy access to the calculator for on the go calculations.

Farm Inputs

Total Hectares – Total application area.

Freight to Farm – Dickie Direct organises the delivery right through to farm. The average freight rate is $30/tonne. For competitive freight rates to your farm please contact Dickie Direct on 0800 43 42 54.

Application Costs – Although we are not directly involved with the application of product and the costs associated, we figure it is handy to be able to include these costs for your budgeting purposes.

Inputting Key Products

Use the drag bars or type in the desired rate to adjust the rates of key products.

When inputting key products the pricing and NPKS values will update accordingly.

The calculator uses ex-warehouse pricing, for better pricing request forward order pricing.

Inputting Trace Elements

Use the drag bars or type in the desired rate to adjust the rates of Trace Elements.

We have included some basic guidelines for Trace Element application rates.

Your Dickie Direct Price Calculations

You will always have a few key calculations visible on screen, these include:

  • Price per tonne ex store
  • Price per tonne including freight and application
  • Price per hectare including freight and application
  • Total Price for complete application

At the bottom of each calculator you will find a full break down of key data.

Add Another Calculator

There is the option to run 3 separate calculators simultaneously.

This option enables you to compare different application options with ease. I.e. deciding whether a Triple Superphosphate or DAP based blend is your most cost effective option.

It is also handy to run multiple calculators simultaneously when there are different areas requiring varying blends and rates.

Using Your Calculations

Use the Dickie Direct Blend Calculator to: