Dusk Slug and Snail Bait

$11,250.00/t - Ex-Store

Granular slug bait that has a weather resistant formulation, enhanced durability and high coverage.

Active Ingredient: Iron EDTA complex (54g per kg).

  • N:0
  • P:0
  • K:0
  • S:24%
  • Ca:0
  • Mg:0

Why choose Dusk Slug and Snail Bait:

Key Features:

  • Fast acting.
  • High level of control.
  • Strong resistance to rain and mould.
  • Superior spreading and coverage.
  • Durable and dust free formulation.
  • Non hazardous Iron EDTA complex as the active ingredient.
  • Safe for the end user, beneficial insects, pets and the environment.

Products FAQs

Application Rate

10-15 KG/Ha. Application can be made before, during or after sowing. Apply evenly over the ground surface. For band application along rows, apply as close as possible to the plants. Application is best made after rain or irrigation when slugs and snails become more active. Do not apply onto edible plant parts.