Liquid Ammo27

Biologically Enhanced Liquid Nitrogen and Sulphate

$1,410.00/t - Ex-Store

Liquid Ammo27 contains a high concentration of ground urea and crystal ammonium sulphate dissolved into fish emulsion, brown kelp, Fulvic Acid and EM Fert Enhance solution. The result is a high analysis liquid N and S product that can be applied through a standard spray boom and nozzles.

  • N:27.3%
  • P:0
  • K:0
  • S:7.2%
  • Ca:0
  • Mg:0

Why Use Liquid Ammo27?

We have removed the hard work and cost out of liquid nitrogen fertiliser. Using ground Urea and crystal Ammonium Sulphate we can keep the nutrient analysis high and by dissolving these nitrogen products into fish emulsion, brown kelp and EM Fert Enhance solution we can significantly enhance the nutrient response while also reducing the expense of carting water around the country side.

At Dickie Direct we recommend using Liquid Ammo27 in the below circumstances:

  • Throughout the cooler months when solid nitrogen forms have often lost efficiency due to decreased biological activity in the soil.
  • In periods of higher nitrogen fertiliser costs – Application costs of liquid N tend to be higher compared to solid forms. However, the increased efficiency of liquid N compared to solid N will outweigh the higher application costs, especially in periods of higher fertiliser costs.
  • In instances when there is a sprayer going over a crop/pasture. Liquid Ammo25 will enhance the uptake and efficiency of other chemicals while also offering an efficient nitrogen response and biological boost to the soil and plant.
  • When there is a need to reduce nitrogen inputs. Applying nitrogen to the leaf alongside biological enhancers will increase the N efficiency and therefore the amount of N that needs to be applied.
  • When sulphur is a limiting factor to nitrogen response. This is generally in cooler/wetter periods when available Sulphate has been leached and the soil is not efficiently mineralising organic sulphur into plant available sulphate.



Product FAQs

When to Use

Autumn, Winter, Spring


  • To avoid corrosion wash spray gear after applying UAN.
  • To maximise foliar uptake do not apply in rain or directly before rain.

Nitrogen's Role in Plants

  • Nitrogen is always the nutrient in highest demand by plants, due to the greater content of nitrogen present on a dry weight basis in comparison to any other nutrient.
  • Nitrogen is a primary component of amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. Thus, by adding nitrogen to soil the protein content in plants is increased.
  • Nitrogen is part of the chlorophyll molecule, and a part of numerous enzymes and coenzymes. Chlorophyll is responsible for photosynthesis, where sunlight is absorbed and stored in the plant as sugars and proteins.
  • Therefore, nitrogen is an integral part of photosynthesis.
  • Signs of nitrogen deficiency – reduced plant growth, yellowing of the leaf, early crop maturing.