Sulphur 90S


  • N:0
  • P:0
  • K:0
  • S:90%
  • Ca:0
  • Mg:0
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90% S
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Supplied in bulk blends or 1000KG bags (included in price)
Use in: With capital applications
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Products FAQs

Why Use Sulphur 90S:

Elemental Sulphur is slowly mineralised by the soil into plant available Sulphate Sulphur. This slow mineralisation means Sulphate is being made available to the plant over a longer time frame, satisfying the majority of plant Sulphate requirements over a 1-2 year period. This results in improved utilisation and responses compared to one off larger applicatioins of Sulphate Sulphur which can be quickly leached throught he soil profile leaving soil ssulphur deficient for large periods of the year.

Precautions when applying Sulphur 90S:

  • In areas of high rainfall, it can be advantageous to Supplement Elemental Sulphur with Sulphate Sulphur in the wetter/cooler months when the rate of mineralisation of Elemental Sulphur is slow and leaching of Sulphate Sulphur tends to be higher.
  • Sulphur 90S has an acidifying effect on soil so as should be done with any fertiliser

When to use

With capital applications

Sulphurs role in crops and pastures:

  • A structural component of protein and peptides.
  • Active in the conversion of inorganic N into protein.
  • A catalyst in chlorophyll production.
  • Promotes nodule formation in legumes.
  • A structural component of various enzymes.


Sulphur 90S is a granule made up of fine particle Elemental Sulphur and Bentonite. The Elemental Sulphur (S) in the granule is oxidised in soil over time into Sulphate Sulphur (SO4) where it is then able to be up taken by plants.