Autumn Update

Media Attention

In the recent week some of you may have seen that we have had a bit of attention in the media.

It is always great to get some positive feedback from the likes of Doug Edmeades at Agknowledge. At Dickie Direct we simply plan to continue developing our model and improving our service to ensure that we continue to supply our clients with good quality products at the best prices.

One important thing we did take from the Stuff article (which was written as a result of Doug Edmeades Fertiliser Review) was the use of scare tactics around our product analysis. We would like to take this opportunity to explain how we operate and why this is not an issue:

  1. We have long standing supply arrangements with all our key suppliers. We do not operate from shipment to shipment looking for the cheapest product on the market.
  2. We deal directly with the manufacturers on all of our key imported products (some of our largest suppliers we deal with are producing in excess of 8 million tonne per annum)
  3. We regularly visit our suppliers manufacturing facilities looking at new products and for efficiencies in our over all supply chain. Our key suppliers also have an invested interest in the NZ market, regularly travelling to NZ to visit our facilities and to further learn about how we are using their fertilisers.
  4. We routinely test our shipments through Eurofins Laboratories in Auckland. We test the key elements, heavy metals and do a range of product specific testing ie. Urea Biuret and Phosphate Availabilities. We make all test results readily available to clients.

Moving into Winter

Now that winter is well and truly upon us we are drawing a close to the Autumn capital application season. Autumn applications have seen Dickie Direct clients get some large savings on their NPKS blends. This has been either through better priced products or simply using smarter alternatives such as our Triple Superphosphate.

The immediate focus now moves towards winter and spring and the tactical use of Nitrogen to ensure growth in these cooler temperatures. We will have a number of shipments of Nitrogen based products arriving over the winter and spring so refer to below to see upcoming shipment dates or stay tuned to our website to ensure you are making the most of the $20/tonne discount on direct shipments.

Looking towards next Spring we encourage clients to start thinking about their capital application requirements. Put simply the earlier you can give us an indication of your Spring Capital requirements the more we can save you using our indent (wholesale) supply model. If you would like to discuss further please get in contact via email or on 0800 4 DICKIE (0800 43 42 54).

Ammonium Sulphate

Ex-Warehouse – $385 / tonne

Direct Shipment – $365 / tonne
(Next Shipment due June 9th)

Available in bulk or bulk bags and can be blended with any product/trace element to suit your requirements.

CoNtrol Urea

Ex-Warehouse – $570 / tonne

Direct Shipment – $550 / tonne
(Next Shipment due June 9th)

Available in bulk or bulk bags and can be blended with any product/trace element to suit your requirements.


Ex-Warehouse – $750 / tonne

Direct Shipment – $730 / tonne
(Next Shipment due early July)

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Shipping Options Explained

Dickie Direct is defined by our multiple supply chain options. Whether it be purchasing wholesale or directly from stock on hand we have your requirements covered.

Indent (Wholesale) Supply

Purchasing wholesale means we can completely customise our supply chain in order to get product delivered to your premises at even better than advertised prices. See below to check whether your requirements qualify for wholesale supply:

  • Minimum 50 tonne order
  • Confirmed orders are required at a minimum 2 months in advance of required delivery date.
  • Delivery can be arranged anywhere throughout NZ, we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding efficiencies in order to get your product delivered at the lowest possible prices.

Direct Shipment Supply

For your standard product requirements purchasing directly from one of our inbound shipments is a simple way to save a further $20/tonne.
Purchasing directly from an inbound shipment means that we can avoid excess handling and storage fees on your product offering these cost savings directly back to you as a discount. We generally have shipments arriving monthly so timing your requirements with a shipment is easy.

Ex-Warehouse Supply

For your immediate requirements we carry a stock on hand at our Port Stores. Purchasing Ex-Warehouse you will still receive exceptionally low prices and we will arrange cost-effective freight to your desired delivery location. Generally we will delivery to farm/depot within two days after receiving the order confirmation.

Products / Prices / Shipment dates

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