Customised Supply Solutions

At Dickie Direct we operate a hybrid supply chain ensuring we are offering our clients good quality product delivered to farm/depot at the best prices. Clients can chose to purchase through Ex-Warehouse, Forward Order and Wholesale Supply Options.

Ex-Warehouse Supply

For your immediate requirements we carry a Stock on Hand at our Port Stores. From here we can dispatch direct to farm/depot generally getting product delivered within 2 working days of ordering.

Forward Order Supply

Forward order supply is suited for those larger planned applications. With forward orders we can be more efficient with our supply chain enabling us to offer further discounts on our already low prices. Because of the wide range of variables there is no set discount for forward ordered product so we encourage clients to get in contact with us directly or via our online calculator for forward order quotes.

Wholesale Supply

We currently wholesale fertiliser to a number of well regarded NZ blenders and on sellers. With wholesale supply we completely customise our supply chain to ensure we are delivering premium quality products at the absolute lowest prices. With our hybrid supply chain Dickie Direct wholesale clients gain an added advantage of having a stock on hand at Dickie Direct Port Stores that can be drawn from in those times of product short falls.