With the Spring Cropping Season now underway Dickie Direct are here to take care of all of your bulk and bagged cropping fertiliser requirements.

At Dickie Direct not only do we have highly competitive prices across the range of conventional cropping products, we also have a range of new and enhanced-efficiency products that have been proven to increase yields while reducing long term fertiliser costs. Two products which have seen a rapid growth in the NZ market are our PCU90 (Polymer Coated Urea) and EM Fert Enhance products. More info on these products below:

PCU90 (90 Day Release Urea)

Improve cropping yields by incorporating PCU90 into your base fertiliser application, avoiding the need for expensive, time consuming, crop damaging and less efficient side dressings.

What are the benefits of using Polymer Coated Urea on your crops:

  • An extended Nitrogen response.

Nitrogen is released over a 90 day period removing the requirement for more frequent Nitrogen applications and side dressings.

  • Reduced Nitrogen loss through volatilisation.

Nitrogen is only released when there is adequate moisture. Apply Polymer Coated Urea in any conditions.

  • Reduced Nitrogen loss through runoff and leaching.

In large rainfall events the Polymer coating will restrict the amount of Nitrogen that is being released, significantly reducing the environmental and financial cost of Nitrogen runoff and leaching.

  • Increased Nitrogen utilisation.

Nitrogen is released to the plant in smaller more consistent quantities, allowing the plant to better utilise the Nitrogen as it is made available.


Soil health is a key component to producing a good yield whether it is pasture, crops or vegetables. Research has shown that applying EM to the soil/plant ecosystem can improve soil quality, soil health, and the growth, yield, and quality of crops.

What are the benefits of using Polymer Coated Urea on your crops:

  • Enhancing Fertiliser response.
  • Improving soil and plants abilities to fix atmospheric Nitrogen.
  • Speeding up the rate at which Organic matter in the soil is converted to plant nutrients.
  • Improving plant root structures.
  • Breaking down pollutants in the soil. Increasing earthworm numbers.
  • Reducing compaction and drainage issues.

For more information or to receive a recommendation and pricing for your Spring crops please give one of our sales team a call. Alternatively click the green button below to try our online blend builder.

We look forward to hearing from you this Spring.


Charles and the Dickie Direct team