Will my tractor lift a 1 tonne bag?

The average modern day tractor over 80hp with loader should comfortably lift a 1 tonne bag. However, for smaller tractors
it’s advised to have an implement on the three-point linkage to balance the weight.


If I am a new client looking to place an order what is the turn around time before the product is delivered to farm?

With every shipment we allocate a certain percentage to be supplied to either new clients coming on board or potential clients wanting a smaller trial order. Therefore, generally we can supply new clients immediately. However, we develop savings for our existing clients by keeping our supply chain lean, this means that we do limit the amount of stock kept on hand to be sold to new and potential clients and could result in new buyers having to wait for the following month’s shipment to arrive. We keep a separate amount of stock on hand to cater for our existing clients one-off requirements.


What happens if I run out of product between my scheduled deliveries?

We understand there are many variables that come into play when it comes to farming and the use of fertiliser. In order to compensate for these variables we like to encourage our clients to keep a small amount of stock on hand, over and above the volume they have planned to use during that given time period. However, if this volume is not enough, we’re able to make an extra delivery at no penalty to the product price and transport rate.


Will my tractor lift a 1 tonne bag high enough to load a spreader?

Our loaded bags from the top of the loop to the lowest point of the bag are 1.5m in length. We’ve measured the average tractor towed (Sam) spreader to be 2.2m in height and the average truck spreader to be 2.25m in height. Therefore, if your tractor loader lifts over 3.75m high there shouldn’t be any issue. Keeping in mind that all loaders vary depending on the tractor size and manufacturer but common Malleux loaders we have measured have lifted to a height of 4.45m.


Who pays transport to farm?

At Dickie Direct we quote all of our product prices exclusive of the specified store and excluding GST. We work directly with competitive transport providers to organise freight to your farm. This transport cost is added to the cost of the product and you’re charged on a single invoice to be paid on the 20th of the following month of supply.


What is the shelf life of urea?

Urea has a guaranteed shelf life of at least six months and up to two years if packaged in an airtight bag. As Dickie Direct product is shipped straight from the manufacturing line with a transit time of six weeks to New Zealand, we say as a general rule that we like to have all product delivered to farm within eight weeks. Our storage facility uses the FIFO (first in, first out) method to ensure we keep our product turning over.

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