Ag Lime

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  • N:0
  • P:0
  • K:0
  • S:0
  • Ca:36%
  • Mg:0
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36% Ca
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Products FAQs

Why Use Ag Lime:

  • Increased pasture production, which leads to increased animal live weights.
  • Liming unlocks the full potential of your fertiliser programme, at optimal PH levels your phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen and other trace elements become available to your plant matter, these would otherwise remain unavailable in acidic soils.
  • Ag Lime is a low cost option for increasing pasture growth, in lean times it will give you great results at a fraction of the cost of other fertilisers.
  • Ag Lime assist with drainage by improving soil structure by improving the tilth and crumb formations.
  • Ag Lime sweetens the soil often making pastures more palatable to stock.
  • Lime stimulates growth in legumes and clovers.
  • Ag lime can reduce stock health problems by providing better more available grazing creating a healthier environment.
  • Ag Lime promotes worm and bacteria activity necessary for maintaining healthy soil.

Precautions when applying Ag Lime:

  • Caution must be taken as to much Lime applied can “over correct” the PH and have a negative affect on your pasture growth.
  • Calving cows must not be put on limed pastures for up to two weeks after lime spreading.

When to use

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring


The primary objective of applying lime is to increase soil PH.