EM (Effective Microorganisms) Liquid

$2,200.00/t - Ex-Store

Recommended Application Rates

Pasture: 5KG/H (2-3 applications with fertiliser per annum)

Crops: 10-15 KG/H (With fertiliser at sowing)

  • N:0
  • P:0
  • K:0
  • S:0
  • Ca:0
  • Mg:0


EM Fert Enhance is supplied in a chip form and is suitable to be blended with all solid fertiliser applications. EM was developed in Japan 35 years ago and is now a Global technology with an enormous following around the world. EM is the unique composition of a diverse group of bacteria, yeasts and fungi (multiple families containing multiple species) which has been thoroughly tested and proven safe for humans and animals. One of the strengths of EM is that it is a diverse combination of microbes, and this gives it versatility in terms of a wide scope of applications that it can be used on.

Products FAQs

Why Use EM Fert Enhance:

The beneficial bacteria found in EM will assist with increased yields and production through:

  • Enhancing fertiliser responses
  • Fixing atmospheric Nitrogen
  • Converting organic matter to play available nutrients
  • Decomposing organic residues
  • Recycling soil nutrients
  • Breaking down fertiliser compounds
  • Improving root structure
  • Breaking down pollutants in the soil
  • Increasing earthworm numbers
  • Reducing compaction issues

Precautions when applying EM:

EM has been thoroughly tested and is proven safe for humans and animals.