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Dickie Direct is founded on a lean supply chain enabling us to supply high quality fertilisers at the best possible prices. We ship smaller volumes on a more regular basis meaning we keep our product turning over avoiding excess storage handling costs, offering real savings directly back to our clients.

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  • Nitrogen
    Nitrogen increases the protein content in plants through the vitamins, amino acids and energy systems. It is also necessary for chloropyll synthesis, giving plants a dark green appearance.
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  • Phosphate
    Phosphorus is an essential compound of ADT, the component driving plant development and plays an important role in photosynthesis as it enables plants to store and metabolise sugars.
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  • Potassium
    Potassium can be applied as a straight fertiliser, or as part of a blended or compound fertiliser with nitrogen and phosphorous.
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  • Sulphur
    Sulphur is a structural component of protein and peptides. It is active in the conversion of inorganic N into protein and acts as a catalyst in chlorophyll production.
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  • Calcium
    Calcium participates in metabolic processes of other nutrients uptake and promotes proper plant cell elongation.
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  • Magnesium
    Magnesium is an essential micro nutrient found from 0.2-0.4% dry matter and is necessary for normal plant growth.
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Dickie Direct Supply Options

Dickie Direct is defined by our multiple supply chain options whether it be purchasing wholesale or directly from stock on hand.

Customised Supply Solutions

Enquire about our customised supply solutions where we can deliver the product direct to your premises at wholesale prices.

Product Quality

We deal directly with reputable manufactures and test all products with Eurofins New Zealand labs.

Tradition Meets Innovation

We supply the range of traditional fertilisers as well as a range of enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilisers.

Unbeatable Prices

We work with proactive clients offering the best prices in the market enabling us to offer savings through better prices.

Direct to Farm Freight Options

Calculating direct to farm freight charges with Dickie Direct is simple and transparent. Simply add your regions freight to the cost.



Client Testimonials

The Landscaper is a very good landscaping company. They do tree removal also. We liked them because all the employees are hard working, honest and reliable. They always come on time, and the prices are good too!

Ross N. Haynes
New York, US

What a great job carried out by The Landscaper. From the initial planning to completion. Always on time, and left the site spotless on completion. We definitely going to use your landscaping services again in the future!

David & Jennifer
Orlando, US

We found The Landscaper a pleasure to work with. The staff was friendly, hard working and completed the projects within the time agreed upon. Our own ideas were very carefully listened to and reflected in the design

Bob & Kate
London, UK

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service your company provides. Our yard always looks perfect when you are done. You are very thorough and always go the extra mile. Thanks again!

Barcelona, Spain

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